Bhakti Marga email set up

There is no support offered by Vamadev to set up email, each country needs to find a technical person to set up the email accounts on computers in their own country. Below are videos to explain the different ways you can run email on your computer and phone, they show you how to set up mail clients and also describe how to send/receive email through a third party mail client like Gmail.

You may need to send Vamadev your IP address if you get blocked from the server while setting up the accounts (use: to find out your IP). The way to check if you are blocked after several failed attempts to connect to the server is to look at your website and if you a white page, then you need to send me your ip address to get it unblocked.

You can also try as the server host name instead of if you can’t connect.

Watch these two videos first:

  1. How does email work?
  2. Logging in to the Control Panel

How to set up an email forwarder

  1. How to set up a email forwarder

Using Gmail to send and receive bhaktimarga email

  1. Sending and receiving bhaktimarga email using Gmail
  2. How to make your bhaktimarga email as default when using Gmail

Apple Mac ONLY

  1. Setting up email with Apple Mail (1 click install script)
  2. Setting up email with Apple Mail (Manual Settings for Sierra OS)
  3. Setting up email with iPad/iPhone (1 click install script)
  4. Setting up email with iPad/iPhone (Manual Settings)

Free MAC or Windows email client

  1. Setting up email with Thunderbird mail client (Desktop only)

How to set up email in Outlook 2016

  1. Video tutorial for Outlook

How to set up Outlook Live

First you will need to create a free Outlook Live account but visiting this webpage 

You will need to use the following as the server host name instead of when using Outlook Live. The mail settings needs to be set to NON-SSL. Please note: it will take 30 minutes to recieve email that a person sends you using this free email service from Microsoft. Another issue is that all sent email does not get stored within Outlook if you send email using your Bhakti Marga email address. If you want to keep a record of sent email, you will have to switch to when sending email. This is not very efficient, but if you want to use this email client, you will find a video below to help you set it up. Vamadev is unable to make Outlook get sent email quicker than 30 minutes, this is a restriction that Microsoft put on their free email account.

  1. Setting Outlook Live email to send and receive Bhakti Marga Email