Bhakti Marga Video Tutorials

Below are a list of video tutorials to help you get the most out of your website.


  1. How to login to your website
  2. A short tour of WordPress
  3. How to change your screen options
  4. How to use page revisions
  5. A quick tour of the WordPress Dashboard
  6. How to back up your website
  7. How to update your plugins

Using the text editor

  1. How to copy and paste from Microsoft word
  2. Formatting text in the text editor

About the Genesis Framework

  1. A quick tour of the Genesis Framework


*Please note Homepage image slider captions are only available in one language

  1. How to edit Home Page widget areas
  2. How to add widgets to the sidebar and footer
  3. How to add new sidebars to different pages


  1. How to create an email hyperlink
  2. How to link to internal pages and other websites

Gravity Forms

  1. How to make a simple contact form
  2. How to check entries in Gravity forms
  3. How to translate the contact form
  4. How to edit the form settings
  5. How to copy a Jot Form to a Website form
  6. How to set up Darshan registration form
  7. How to translate a Darshan form
  8. How to download data to a spreadsheet


  1. How to create sub navigation menu tabs
  2. How to add a navigation menu in your sidebar
  3. How to add and remove navigation tabs in a menu
  4. How to link to an external site in the menu

Blog posts

  1. How to change publish dates on blog posts
  2. How to add an article category to your blog
  3. How to manage blog categories
  4. How to add tags to blog articles
  5. How to change or add blog post excerpts
  6. How to add a Featured image to a blog post


  1. How to add a page to your website
  2. How to delete a page on your website


  1. How to embed audio files in a page or blog post
  2. How to create a WordPress image gallery
  3. How to add captions and tool tips to images
  4. How to add images to pages from your Media Library
  5. How to drag and drop images in to your pages in WordPress
  6. How to size images in your page in WordPress

Translating the website

  1. Setting up two languages
  2. How to translate a page
  3. How to build a new menu in a different language
  4. How to translate the Header, Sidebar and Footer
  5. How to translate the homepage
  6. How to translate the homepage widget titles
  7. How to translate the new Sadhana and OM Circle pages

Soliloquy image slider

  1. Adding images to the slider (New video 2016)
  2. Managing the homepage slider and captions (New Video 2016)

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. The theory of SEO
  2. How to optimise a blog post text
  3. Adding images to pages/posts and using the Page Analysis tool
  4. How to optimise less important pages on your website
  5. Optimising blog posts for sharing on social networks
  6. How to change your website to https:// (secure)

The Events Calendar

  1. A quick tour of the events calendar
  2. How to create Events
  3. How to link and duplicate events
  4. How to use the calendar in multiple languages
  5. Why are there dead hyperlinks on Event pages? (Developer video)

Event changes and OM Chanting circle tutorials 2017

  1. Give access for Sadhana Teachers to Add / Edit Content
  2. Add / Edit Sadhana Teacher Entry
  3. Add / Edit OM Chanting Circle Entry
  4. Create Event using Sadhana Event Templates

WordPress Security

  1. How to add websites users to the lockout white list
  2. How to whitelist your own ip address
  3. How to create new users and add passwords
  4. How to reset passwords for existing users

Email set up

Go to THIS PAGE for instructions on how to set up email

Developer references (documentation)

  1. Gravity forms plugin website
  2. Mailpoet – Newsletter website
  3. WPML – Multilingual plugin website
  4. Backup Buddy – Backup plugin website
  5. D Factory – Events Calendar plugin website

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