Bootstrap 4 – Content Sidebar template for HTML projects


This is a simple starter template for a Bootstrap 4 Content / Sidebar layout. You will need to create separate HTML files for other pages in your project, but the index.html page is done for you. The template includes a responsive navigation bar and links to the Bootstrap framework components via a CDN (Content Delivery […]

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How to add transparency to a background colour of a HTML div or section


The goal here is to make any text you add to a full width background image readable. This tutorial will show you how to add transparent background colours to sections that contain text. If you want to use text on top of background images, this tutorial is a must read! You can see an example […]

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How to install Disqus comments into a blog or website

An hassle free way to add user commenting to a blog or website is to use an application called Disqus. Disqus is described by the developers as “The internet’s favourite comment plug-in makes it easy for publishers to bring their content to life, fuel colourful discussions, efficiently moderate comments, and build engaged communities.” The video […]

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