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I have been involved in a Fusion project in Northern Ireland over the past 12 months and the business owner asked me to find some software to help improve the websites position in Google. Fusion projects are put together by InterTrade Ireland that aims to promote cross-boarder initiatives between Northern and Southern Ireland. The I have been working with is called SP Group and they are based on County Antrim. They sell building materials and specialise in Temporary Site Protection Materials.

SP Group have been serving the construction industry for over 40 years and are currently developing an in-house ERP system using the Odoo framework. Like many new websites after they are launched, the pages were not easily visible in Google search and we needed to find a solution. I had a look around the internet for SEO software that we could use and the two options I juggled with were SEMrush and MOZ. Both platforms had their fans and critics but I went with MOZ because they allowed me to assign additional users to campaign.

The link Explorer Software

Moz have a very helpful tool called Link Explorer. I am working on an SEO Campaign for Croydon Guitar Lessons. The plan is to increase their Google ranking for search terms related to Guitar lessons and we have been able to use the link Explorer tool to analyse our competitors backlinks very effectively. This tool has saved lots of time trying to find link opportunities – thanks MOZ.

How do I rate MOZ Pro software?

Overall, I have been really impressed with the tools and support. The best feature of the software is the SEO score MOZ creates as a percentage. This is really helpful for showing to clients who don’t understand the¬†nuances of mets data, keywords and links how the campaign is going. The business owner is able to monitor a real metric as the weeks and months progress to see work is being done.

We are only at the start of our campaign and it is going to take a while to build up the needed domain authority to get on the 1st page for our targeted keywords. Unfortunately MOZ is not a magic wand, it just helps manage the process of link building and keyword optimisation!

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