SEO for small businesses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the technique of increasing the quantity of traffic to your website through engines like Google. SEO is not just for large companies with hefty marketing budgets, there is actually a lot smaller businesses can do to get new customers from search. We help businesses all over Europe, but specialise in SEO for small businesses in Drogheda.

Any business can increase the visibility of their website in Google by creating amazing content and optimising their text with keywords relevant to their product or service. Businesses also need keep track of their online reviews and try to get links from related websites to improve their position. Learn more about SEO in the video below…

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Any small business in Drogheda with a clear strategy, a good understanding of their customers and a little bit of hard work can out-rank their competitors. At XL Websites, we can find cracks in your competitor’s armour and make you come out on top. The table below shows what we do for our customers in most campaigns…


We add relevant keywords, HTML tags, HTML titles, image alt text and implement good information architecture to help search engines determine what your site is about.


We regularly publishing fresh and unique content that provides value to potential customers will boost search rankings.


We build links too and from other websites for you. If your website has numerous links pointing to it from high quality sources, business directories and blogs – you website will rank much higher in Google search.


We get your business online reviews. A business that has lots of positive 5 star reviews with several online business listings will perform much better than businesses without reviews.

How can we help you?

We want to help your website rank higher in Google search. The process is simple and the businesses we work with often see measurable results in just a few weeks. Below is a small list of reasons why you would want to choose us over our competitors…

Keyword optimisation

Once we know your target customers and the keywords they use, we craft your text and tag all your content to make sure your pages are in a position to be found. In addition, we show you how to make any new pages you create to rank as high as possible for the chosen keyword.

SEO reports

At XL Websites we use Moz SEO software to create weekly and monthly reports to send our clients. All reports highlight the work that has been carried out and give measurable scores so you can see how your website SEO and Google position is improving.

Google Analytics

New to handling quantitative data? No worries, we can set up Google analytics, make sense of the data and send you weekly reports. Google Analytics will show user behaviour on your website and create simple visual diagrams to help us improve your website content.

Google Search Console

We hook up all our client websites to Google Search Console to work with Google to make sure your customers do not have issues accessing your web pages. The service allows us to submit a site-map, request re-indexing and test page speed on mobile devices.

Link building

Links are like votes to Google and we make sure we build link to your website from credible and relevant sources. Although a link building campaign is usually a long-term initiative, many of the businesses we work with see positive results in just a few weeks.

Business directories

We add your business to a list of valuable business listings such as GoldenPages, Google my business and EuroPages. This helps Google know you are a reputable company and also allows additional traffic to flow to your website creating extra leads for you.

What does Steve say about our small business SEO?

SEO Clients for a small business

“We asked Seb to improve the position of our website in Google for keywords relating to guitar lessons. When we started the SEO campaign, we were at the bottom of 1st page in Google for our chosen keywords and enquiries were down from previous years. As the leading music school in our area, it was really important for us to be represented in the top half of the 1st page in Google for local searches related to guitar lessons. Seb worked on our SEO for three to four months and managed to get us consistently in the top three results for all relevant searches related to guitar lessons. As a result of this SEO campaign my business has seen a significant rise in enquiries for guitar lessons and the investment I made has paid off. I would happily recommend Seb and XL Websites to any small business that needs to boost their position in Google. The service Seb provided was fast, efficient and did exactly what I wanted.” – Steve Wild, owner of Southend Music School.

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