Ajax user registration and login form

The code for the Ajax user registration and login form you will download contains CDN links to jQuery and Bootstrap, so you will need an Internet connection to work with these files. There is no styling or animation added to the application, you can use the files as a staring point and customise to suit your project.

Part 1

In this tutorial we will show you how to create an Ajax website user registration and login form registration system for a website using Ajax, PHP and jQuery. In this Project, all user logins run using Ajax which means there is no page refresh! The project also uses the jQuery form validation plugin to prevent inappropriate data being added into the database.

You can see part one of the project on this – Live demo

You can download –  User registration (61 downloads)

You will first need to create a database called registration in PHP MyAdmin (if you are using an existing database, just run the SQL above to create the table in your database). When you have created your database, run the SQL code found below to create a simple table for your users:

Part 2

Now you have got a working registration system on your website, you need to add the second part of the puzzle – a user login form. The login code works with the same database and SQL table as the registration system, so all you need to do is add this second part to have a complete registration and login feature on your website.

You can either create a user account yourself using the registration plugin above or use the following credentials to test the login system below:

Email: ted@me.com

Password: TedRocks2018

You can see part two of the project on this – Live demo

You can download –  Login system (125 downloads)

Video screencast of how to install the files

*I have modified the SQL code since making this video. You don’t need to add a selection of dummy users, just create the table and add users via the registration form.

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