Web Hosting for small businesses

Having your website online makes it possible for visitors to engage with your business online. A good web hosting service can help keep your website live and running smoothly with no down-time. This is especially important for e-commerce websites where down-time may cause the business to lose out on sales. If your website is slow or hard to access, customers may also leave your site prematurely after having a negative experience and potentially may never come back.

What we can offer you?

We would love for you to choose us to host your website on our dedicated server. There are so many reasons why you would want to choose us, but here are a few to outline the key differentiators from our competitors…..

Unlimited bandwidth

With unrestricted bandwidth, you can always rely on excellent web hosting performance. Your website is spread across multiple servers, so you always stay up and running. We will never charge for extra bandwidth!

Free SSL certificates

All our Linux hosting packages come with free SSL certificates that are automatically issued and renewed every 12 months. Encrypting your website pages with an SSL certificate ensures your customer’s data is safe from hackers.

Daily backups

Our automated site Backup & Restore saves all your website files and database tables once a day. So the next time you get into trouble, you can restore the website with a single click and get right back to work.

Specialist WordPress Hosting

It’s web hosting made for WordPress. As we design and build all our websites using WordPress, we know all the nuances of this platform so you don’t need to! Just focus on making awesome content for your customers.

Email security and spam

We show you how to set up your email safely and securely with the latest encryption methods. We have tutorials for all major operating systems and mobile phones. With our famous 1 click install it has never been easier!

Technical support

Need some technical assistance on a Sunday or bank holiday? No worries we have it covered with top quality email, video or phone support with a response rate of within three hours every day of the year.

Award-winning security

Web Hosting in Dundalk and Drogheda

It’s difficult to understand why anyone would want to hack your website, but they do. Thankfully, we have implemented the best web security currently the industry has to offer. We monitor and blacklist suspicious activity on your hosting account and deflect any attacks. XL Websites use use Cloud Linux to load balance the server which prevents your website going offline from brute force attacks. In addition, we implement iThemes Security Pro plugin on all WordPress installations. This layered approach on both your hosting account and the WordPress installation makes it almost impossible for hackers to break into your website.

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